LMP Studios

We provided state of the art Infinity Cyclorama cycs wall and private spacing for video, photoshoots, video direction, video services.

Items Available for Rent

Kino Flo Image 87 DMX Yoke Mount 120VAC
Kino Flo Image 87 DMX Light IMG-87 X-120
Source 5 Ellipsoidal Light Stage Spotlight 750W
2K Lights
Leko Lights
3 Lights (arri 1 K)
3 Kinos
6 C Stands
6 Sandbags
Red Scarlet Professional Film Camera
Set of Zeiss Primes
Shoulder Rig
Professional Dolley 16 Ft of track
Professional Jib 20 Ft with remote head with operator
Canon 70d w/ Zoom Lens
Canon 5D Mark 3 w/ Zoom Lens

Key Features We Offer

  • Cycloramas or “cycs” also refer to photography .curving backdrops which are white to create no background, or green-screen to create a masking backdrop.
  • We are flexible with time and rental space, Members receive 5 Hour Blocks
  • We are strict in privacy and can provide security
  • LMP Studios is located at 4465 Bronx Blvd, Bronx, New York 10470 right off the Bronx River Pkwy very easy to get to and parking available.
  • Our studio is 100% insured.
  • Open 24 Hours.
  • Two Vehicle Capacity.
  • Lights Included for Monthly Members.
  • Bathroom, Shower and changing room.
  • Studio Monthly Membership available call us now.
  • LMP Studios

    4465 Bronx Blvd, New York, New York 10470
    Monday-Friday: 12pm – 6pm

    Office : (646) 559-5644
    Soundstage Rental : (321) 695-0518

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