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LMP Record Pool has been around for over 10 years! We have been servicing music from unknown to famous artists to DJ’s around the world, and breaking records. We provide new music, remixes, edits and more every month via your laptop or computer at any moment. That means you can connect anytime! From your studio, station, home etc. Our Online record pool is updated daily, with quality promotional singles & remixes. We guarantee to have the largest musical Latin library available. Unlimited amount of music and connections.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Customer Service number?
(646) 559-5644
Monday-Friday: 12pm – 3pm

What are the steps?

  1. Subscribe through our payment system
  2. Once you subscribe you will checkout and redirected to our “Thank You” page and you will input your final information (Very Important – we use this information to contact you)
  3. We will receive your payment through our system and the information you filled out on the thank you page and contact you right away (weekends not included – 48 hours the latest)
  4. You will install Teamviewer (we will connect to your computer through this third party service – very safe)
  5. Next final step through our customer service we will connect to your computer and install our record pool on your computer (no, we do not collect your password or any other private information)
  6. Once installed you will be able to use the record pool anytime, any day and anywhere – over 2,000 members are.

I called but nobody picked up?
Due to high volume our representative is assisting others, its very important if one of our representative does not pick up, you leave a message with your full name and phone number to reach you, we always call back!

Is the record pool for mac or windows?
Yes, both operating systems are compatible with the record pool.

How often you guys update the record pool?
Record pool is updated on a daily basis and organized by a weekday folder.

What type of music does the record pool offer?
Our vast music service offers the following; Dembow, Reggaeton, Salsa, Bachata, Top40, House Hiphop, Dancehall, Remixes, Transitions and Edits.

Does the record pool have videos?
Yes, we offer many music videos from Latin to Urban, etc.

How does the payment system work?
LMP Record pool is a $40 subscription service, meaning it will be a recurring payment on each month on the date you sign up. Example you join the record pool Jan 6,2015 your account gets activated that day and it will be automatically deducted on Feb 6, 2015.

Can you cancel at anytime?
Yes you can cancel at anytime by logging in to your pay-pal account and clicking on your history of payments and click on cancel subscription or you can also call us at our office and we can cancel it manually. Please make sure to provide your username. “username is your email address when calling.

I canceled my account but I want to comeback?
Yes you may return to your original account but we only waiver once, meaning if you cancel more then twice we will not accept your membership again, please call us for further information.

How do I receive the music?
Once you sign-up, and pay through our system your name is recorded in our accounts with your name, email, phone number. The next step is we contact you to activate your account by installing our system on your computer and providing you with a password. It takes no longer then 48 Hours (not including weekends).

How much promotional music do I receive?
You can only receive the month you pay for, if you want unlimited access such as remix and edits and others exclusive you would have to join for the yearly subscription service of $350.

What’s the type of quality?
Depending how its release or how record label provide the music to us, we strive to have the best quality.

Do you have clean radio edited music?
Yes we do.

How long does my account takes to get activated?
Between 1 to 2 business day (48 Hours not including weekends)

Do you give a discount for a referral?
We do offer a discount a discount if you have some referral, please email us or give us a call.

My account says it has expired, what should i do?
Do not change anything on your end, just have your email ready and give us a call and we will help you.

How come i cannot do a search?
We currently on provide a search options Windows PC, not Macs.

Can I install the record pool on multiple computers?
No, you can only install it on one computer mac or windows, we track all your users if account has more then one user on one account we will terminate it immediately.

Why do i need to install www.teamviewer.com on my computer?
The reason why its important for you to have www.teamviewer.com is for remote support purpose, we can only log into your computer with your permission and it only takes us five minutes to setup the record pool and explain to you how it works. This way we know we left the record pool working 100%. So please before calling the office for any question and concern please make sure you have the team viewer install and have the ID and password that will be display on the screen.

If my computer crashes, what should I do?
Make sure you have Teamviewer installed with your id and password in your computer before giving us a call.

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