DJ Princeone



Pedro "Prince One" Hidalgo also known as DJ Prince One, was born In The Dominican Republic Raised In Washington Heights. He first touched the turntables as a teenager, Following in the footsteps of his Close friends And Relatives who were a disc jockeys, Prince began collecting music and by the age of 16 was already spinning in various nightclubs.

Prince started out doing house parties in high school and a few years later in 2010, he got his first residency at "Milk Lounge" , a 2 floor night club in Harlem New York. It didn’t stop there, Over the next 4 years Prince djed over 400 clubs and 3000 parties. Djing all over New York City , Rhode Island , Pensilvania , Massachusetts , Connecticut , Virginia , Washington, D.C. & New Hampshire.

“I mix a little bit of everything, I play it all by ear. I always try my best to make people through my mixing,” says Prince. “I’m constantly in tune with my fans; I know just what they want to hear next. I love it when the crowd reacts when I play some throwback, making them sing along dance laugh I do whatever I have to do in my performance to make you have a good time."

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