1 pizza. Subway fare hikes. Run-of-the-mill latin djs. Any New Yorker worth his salt will tell you these three things have become prevalent in the past few years. Food and transportation aren't the focus of this article, so the question is: what separates DJ FX from the pack?
To start, most DJs aren't on FM radio. Of those who make it to that level, few appear Monday through Friday, and of those select individuals, only a small number mix live on air. This places DJ FX in an elite class and in the homes (in the broadcast sense) of listeners in eastern Long Island, most of Connecticut and the southern Rhode Island coast. For those who prefer a specialized listening experience, DJ FX carefully creates mix CDs; he estimates to have handed out 6,000 copies. It's this grassroots, personal approach that's garnered him fans from all walks of life throughout the US and in his homebase of culturally diverse Long Island. Not wanting to be constrained by the DJ booth, FX has taken to the studio of late. followers (1,500+ a week at last count) can keep up with his latest edits & remixes, but as East Coast clubgoers well know, nothing compares to hearing one live in a DJ FX set. If you're not in the New York area, Boston, Atlantic City, Miami or Orlando, don't fret; he'll be headed your way soon!
But of course, every good success story has its early beginnings and dark moments, doesn't it? Like most hispanic children, DJ FX was exposed to parties and musical events; the crowds interested him. Simultaneously, his interest in dancing and performing grew into a desire to provide musical entertainment. FX recalls being the one to bring a stereo to class parties. Then in high school, the hobby became more official: a simple trip to the mall proved to be memorable, with FX obtaining his first DJ setup. House parties followed, as did private events, thanks to a job with dj-company Ceremonial Events. Still just 16, he started playing teen parties - which as any experienced DJ can tell you - are as close to a full-on night club experience under-21s can get.
Life is unscripted, as we all know, and a sabbatical of sorts allowed FX to focus on his personal responsibilities. Once sorted out, and thanks to hope, perseverance and a solid support system, DJ FX entered the digital age of DJing in January 2010. During his hiatus, Serato had become an industry standard; pairing his traditional mixing skills with the new technology, his career roared back to life. FX credits his prosperity as one of Long Island's finest DJs to his talent & hustle…and so do we.
Currently DJ FX can be heard on La Fiesta 98.5 / M-Th at 9-10pm, Fridays 8-10pm & Mondays 2-4pm . Club dates and more information can be found at

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