Henry Santos




Henry Santos, in full Henry Santos Jeter (born December 15, 1979), is a Dominican singer and composer best known for his time in bachata group Aventura. He is also the record holder for successfully completing and winning, undefeated and never nominated for elimination, "Mira Quien Baila", a Spanish dancing competition, broadcast on Univision. He was crowned "Rey De La Pista" on November 18, 2012. His solo career as a singer started in 2011 with "Introducing Henry Santos" which debuted #2 in sales on Billboard's Tropical charts, and in 2013 his highly anticipated second album "Henry Santos' My Way" hit stores June 25. On April 23, 2013, Henry Santos "My Way" (first single off his second album) reached number one (#1) in the Billboard tropical charts in the United States. His second single "B├ęsame Siempre" reached #11, and on June 16th 2014 his third single 'La Vida" featuring two time Latin Grammy winner producer Maffio, hit number one (#1) in the Tropical Airplay Charts of the United States.

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