Carlitos Rossy



Carlitos Rossy, as known best in the entertainment business was born on October 17, 1988 in Puerto Rico. His career as an artist and
composer/lyricist, began at a very early age, writing songs about his life, experiences, and surroundings. His passion for music comes from a background of musicians, including several artists whom he respects, and relatives who play musical instruments and compose their own music. His melodious voice and striking lyrics have come to show his unique style, which has earned the respect and affection of his audience and colleagues within the genre.He has had the opportunity to share the stage with recognized artists in the reggaeton genre, such as, Zion & Lennox, Baby Rasta & Gringo, Plan B, and Arcangel. He has also collaborated on several songs with artists such as; Nova & Jory and Nengo Flow, among others. Carlitos Rossy is now preparing to go on tour this year to various countries in Latin America, visiting Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.The Internet and social networks have been an important and major factor in his success around the world.He remains an independent artist, who is working extremely hard to achieve his goals and thus realize his dream of becoming one of the greatest artists of his time.At the moment, has been carrying out presentations in the United States, including the East and West Coasts, mainly in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.Carlitos Rossy continues composing, recording and making music videos for his fans, which have served as motivation to continue his journey to becoming one of the best.Carlitos Rossy wants his audience know that he and his team, "Team C. Rossy" is working every day non-stop, in order to provide his best to his public. Thank you very much for all the love and support!????

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